Unstuffings #62, #63, #64, #65, #66, #67

Earbuds from Sennheiser headphones, solidified paint from the bottom of an old paint tin, solidified acrylic primer from bottom of a tub, tissue paper which had had moulding apple or other natural object on it, tissue paper with ink on it in a plastic packaging box, painted cardboard box (one half only).
Binned 3 days after exhibition finished – Monday 13th October



Sandra Bouguerch: During ‘UNSTUFFED’ I chose to punctuate the exhibition with three different performances. I worked with Jane to produce drip paint clothing sculptures as well as bra, control knickers and trouser pieces. Performance is an excellent medium to share my experiences, feelings, which are constantly changing day to day, minute to minute. It has a direct way of touching upon our human needs and concerns, encompassing risk and playful chance elements and can be thought-provoking, funny and uncomfortable for the viewer.  I find this honest direct way to artistically express myself  in the moment for the viewer to experience especially satisfying. I use video and photography document all of my performances either in real time or to record traces and evidence of my bodily action.